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Leprechauns rock on with Eleonore...

Leprechauns rock on with Eleonore - click for details

Rochelle and Dave Freiderich wanted to hold infant Eleonore close and rock her for comfort, but no rocking chair was immediately available. To keep Eleonore's memory alive they decided to help other parents going through the same heartbreak by helping provide specially designed rocking chairs for hospitals where there were none available. More

Wedding Bells...

Best Wishes and thank you to Emma and Jeff for remembering the Leprechauns at the time of their marriage. Emma is the daughter of Peter and Debbie DiBlasi.

New pocket sized brochure and memorial envelope

Debbie is the Wish Chair who makes arrangements for wishes to happen. Over the years Emma has been a Leprechaun at Parties for hospitalized children. Emma was a Leprechaun when she was actually the size of a little Leprechaun, and continues to help and support our fund raisers.

Debbie joined the Leprechauns in 1994, and Emma has participated from the time that she was big enough to do so. Thanks for your patience Peter.


Meet Katie Wilson...

Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson
Tee’d Off for The Kids

We’d like to introduce Ms. Katie Wilson as the newest friend of the Leprechauns! Katie, an American Greetings employee, arranges golf outings to raise funds through her organization - “Tee’d Off for The Kids.” Last year, the Make-a-Wish Foundation was the recipient of the proceeds from her efforts. We are delighted to announce that Katie has selected the Leprechaun Foundation as the charity benefiting from her annual outing this year. Katie found out about the Leprechauns through her parents, who solicited gift certificates from Dan and Debbie Jenks, owners of Augie’s Pizza. Dan, who is a past President of the Leprechauns, was quick to mention our foundation in the event Katie was looking to host another golfing opportunity.

Katie has had many good role models in her life and has made a genuine commitment to charity. In addition to the golf outings, she has financially supported her aunt’s participation for three years in the Susan G Komen 60 mile, 3 day walk fundraiser. Katie’s parents have obviously instilled the importance of consideration for charities because that is where it starts in most cases. Katie also coaches volleyball, is on American Greetings’s Golf League, and has said she organizes these charitable golf outings because she “just thought it would be fun!” She loves kids, and plans to go back to school to become a teacher. You are our kind of person Katie, and we know whatever you do, you will be successful!

On Saturday August 23rd, Katie’s 4rth Annual “Tee’d Off for The Kids” Golf Outing will take place with the Leprechauns as recipients of the proceeds. We are looking for golfers, as well as hole sponsors and raffle items. Please follow the banner link above for all of the details, and join us to help Katie make this outing for the kids served by the Leprechauns the success for which she is wishing. Thank you!

Memorial donations...

Over the years, memorial contributions have proven to be a significant source of income for the Leprechaun Foundation programs.

New pocket sized brochure and memorial envelope

New memorial envelopes are available for your use, along with a pocket sized brochure that describes the mission of the Leprechauns. Just contact me at info@leprechaunfoundation.org, or call 440-235-5025 and I'll make sure that we get them to you, your group or wherever they're needed. And feel free to explore our website for additional information or areas of special interest.

If you'd like to add the name of a loved one to this list, please contact us or use the Donation form PDF. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.

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