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Join us for the 5th Annual Tee'd Off: For the Kids Golf Outing - Prizes, Food & Fun! - Saturday, August 22, 2015 - click for details

Join is for the 5th Annual Tee'd Off: For the Kids Golf Outing on Saturday, August 22, 2015 and help make a difference in the lives of terminally and chronically ill children in Northeast Ohio.

Through your generous support and commitment, we’re able to make wishes and special dreams come true for the kids we serve through The Leprechaun Foundation. Your participation will have a positive impact on the lives of these children and their families.

Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson
Tee’d Off: For the Kids

We look forward to your participation in this exciting event, whether you are playing, donating, or supporting!

Katie Wilson arranges golf outings to raise funds through her organization “Tee’d Off: For the Kids.” Please be assured that Katie Wilson, and other event coordinators from Tee’d Off: For the Kids, are representing the Leprechaun Foundation and are authorized to solicit donations on their behalf for this upcoming fundraiser.

It’s great that being “Tee’d Off” helped the kids.

Jean Dunbar

Jean Dunbar

Last year the Leprechauns were the recipients of the proceeds from Katie Wilson’s 4th Annual Tee’d Off: For the Kids Golf Outing. She did an amazing job! And through her efforts and that of the volunteers she enlisted to help, raised enough money for us to grant three wishes.

Our wishes come in many sizes and needs.

The first wish actually happened as a result of our Christmas Adopt-a-Family program. We received information about a family with a side note from the Child Life Specialist that the family had only a kitchen table and chairs and twin beds, and one of the children suffers from Autism. This kind of information sets the wheels of the Foundation in motion. The family was adopted by long time donors, who as many of us have items that are family treasurers and are difficult to part with. But this seemed like the perfect time to pass a child’s rocking chair on that would help comfort a child with Autism.

Our information said they needed pillows, bedding and detergent to wash clothes, as well as the clothes and underwear. There were no requests for big ticket items, just the basics. We decided that this family really needed a sofa, TV, end tables, lamps and a Christmas tree with all the trimmings.

After all was delivered we heard from the hard working mother (who also works the night shift), she said that the boys were just sitting on the sofa and rocking chair looking at the Christmas tree. It was a pleasure for them to have somewhere to sit instead of the beds and kitchen chairs.

The second wish was for a 15 year old girl going through her second bout of cancer. She had radiation for 45 days and while in the hospital kept up with her schoolwork, and remained on the Dean's List. We thought she deserved a shopping spree because in addition to her illness, her father lost his job, and her mother who is blind in one eye and scheduled for eye surgery on the second eye.

The third wish was for a 6 year old cancer patient who has 4 siblings, whose dad had recently been diagnosed with cancer and is too sick to work. One illness in a family is tough, but when the breadwinner is too sick to work, intervention is needed. The children had a wonderful time at the Disney Live Performance which offered a little respite for all.

Over time we have found that down to earth needs are wishes that keep on giving, and it is not always a Disney trip, or a trip to Egypt, or Italy or a computer which are never forgotten either can also be granted to those who never even think to ask. We seek these people out, and often it is the surprise of a lifetime, even if it is only a shopping spree, or local show or sports event.

The golfers had a fun day, and these families will have many enjoyable memories because someone cared to step forward to help.

So please join us this year for the 5th Annual Tee’d Off: For the Kids Golf Outing on Saturday, August 22, 2015, there is always room for more golfers, hole sponsors and donors of items for drawings.

Jean DunbarJean Dunbar,

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